ProFi Fitness School

A new beginning to create, inspire and share!!!

Profi Fitness School was opened in 2003. Irish branch was opened in 2009. Since the launch of our business, we have put an emphasis on the quality of our services.

Profi Fitness School has extensive experience with successful professional training. Over 40,800 students have completed our courses.

Over the years, ProFi Fitness School has become the market leader in sports education. We offer a wide variety of training courses: basic, advanced, specialized workshops and seminars. Every single one of our courses is comprehensive and have been designed based on the latest worldwide research. 

Mission statement:

We are committed to reinforcing our position as one of the leading fitness education providers on the Irish market focusing on quality and consistency. This is the ProFi way and we are dedicated to providing the most innovative and up to date Reps accredited courses, delivered in a fun and simple way. 

We proud ourselves as being an International team because we view diversity as the key to attracting and retaining the best talent, thereby enabling our high performance in any location where we teach.


Dream big achieve greatness

We are professional, we are ProFi!


Preparation – We recruit the best-prepared teachers to deliver the best-prepared courses.

Respect – We respect diversity and shun exclusivity. We respect each other and we respect our students.

One – To us our clients are number one! We strive to understand their needs, we make promises, and we keep them.

Fun – We have fun doing what we love and by doing so we inspire our students.

Innovation – We constantly adapt to the ever evolving and complex health & fitness industry and we deliver our courses in the most innovative way.


Our dedicated professional courses and comprehensive continuing development training ensure that top quality programs are delivered to our clients.



  • Small groups up to 10 people have the best learning dynamic
  • We choose the best gyms and leisure centres in each location we operate in
  • Standalone certification for every course
  • Quality colour printed materials + goodie bags for everyone
  • We guarantee immediate effectiveness, personal attention and follow-up support
  • We provide you with the blueprint of our proven customer service
  • First to introduce new and up to date world class courses to the Irish market



  • Authors, course developers, university collaborators and lecturers
  • World class experts in their fields, have many years of professional and teaching experience
  • At the forefront of the industry through continuous development
  • Fitness culture is developed worldwide and our international team brings the best of the world to Ireland


"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" - Anthony Robins